Road Noise Reduction



For rough roads, reduce the related cabin noise.

My Model S is the best car I’ve ever owned in every way except in one area: the road noise when driving on rough highways. It’s not terrible, but no better than a mid-priced ICE. It would be great if it was up there with other luxury brands. I’m talking about rough roads only, not smooth pavement where it is fantastic.





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Agreed.  Quiet now but can't be too quiet
I would be happy to pay for a luxury option that even further reduces noise. Like the cold weather option. It would be a huge success.
There are a few other entries on the subject of reducing ride noise, but it bears repeating, just in case anyone from Tesla actually reads these.
I actually think my Model S is a lot more noisy than my 2008 Acura MDX was, especially at highway speeds.  At lower speeds (below 35-40MPH) I think the tesla might be slightly quieter.  However, since most of my time is interstate driving it's pretty noticeable that this could be a much quieter car.  Feels like most of the sound comes from the wheel wells...  so perhaps more sound deadening in those areas and around the trunk hatch which acts like a resonance chamber (common problem with hatch backs)
I measured noise levels, comparing my MS with my wife's Lexus  GS 450h. Over mixed rough/smooth tar seal, hills/flat, the Lexus was marginally more quiet. Of course, a lot depends on the tyre choice. Would be nice to have a "quietest Tyre" rating