Bookmark USB Playback Position



When playing from the USB, bookmark the current audio when switching to another audio source. When returning to USB, continue playing from that last spot.


When switching from USB playback to an alternative source, then switching back to USB, playback doesn’t resume from where you left off. Even if using the recent selection it goes back to the beginning of the folder you were in and, especially in a large folder,  it can take a while to find the track you were previously listening to. It would be convenient to have the option to resume (or perhaps even having that as the default when going back to USB).



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One more detail which I think you mean: keep the current position within the current track too.

Similarily, maintain shuffle setting.
Also, when clicking an Artist to see the albums, clicking back returns you to the top of the Artist list. This is very annoying when clicking through artists to find something to listen to.

Coming back from an Artist album list to the Artist list, the position should be remembered.