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Require PIN to Disable Remote Access (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Remote access should only the changed after confirmation with a PIN. Maybe other settings too. Until the PIN is not entered, some settings pages/apps cannot the shown at all (for security/privacy reasons, e.g. address book and navigation history, charging history), attempt to show these prompts for a PIN.


It could also be implemented so that only individual settings are protected, then a prompt for the PIN is shown on attempt to change. But whatever you do, secure at least the toggle for remote access.


Implemented in V9, 2018.44.  Even more secure as it requires your login credentials.

Category: Tags: entered 22-Oct-2018


This is extremely important!

the recent Teslas that have been stolen, have had remote access disabled so that the car can not be tracked. Adding this small bit of security would be able to recover cars quickly.


it would also be nice to have the option to add pin/confirm to other items.
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