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Remotely Disable Model S



Offer an option on the phone app to disable the Model S from moving.


Moderator: Not clear why this is desired or what problem it resolves other than offering a clever April-fools joke on someone. It may also create some legal liability for Tesla (i.e. car stopped in some emergency situation).



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Perhaps useful if car is stolen, this feature could prevent the car from starting. You really wouldn't want to stall it in traffic.
Perhaps if "disable" were understood as "hobble" then this feature would make sense.  For example, hobbling might consist of limiting maximum speed and acceleration or having the emergency lights flash.  The car could have a "safety profile" that the car operates under which broadcasts its location, direction and speed as well as invoking the above hobbling actions.  An additional use of differing safety modes could be "car theft", "teen driver", "valet mode", "older driver", "emergency driver", etc.  Consider the security implications of this mode too.  Probably there should be a way to distinguish the driver from the owner with the owner allowed to set the various hobbling modes to limit driver behavior.
Love the teen driver idea.  Limit acceleration and max speed.  Even disallow driving after a certain time of night.  Lots of possibilities here.  Might have helped those two 18 year old boys that died in the Model S recently.