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Record Video from the Camera (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Constantly record the last few minutes of the camera, with a button to save the footage and an automatic save if a crash occurs. Would be especially useful once a front camera is added (rumored future upgrade to support lane departure warning, collision avoidance, infrared vision in fog, etc.), but already a video from the back camera is better than nothing right now.

I was recently rear-ended and pushed against the car in front of me. A total of six cars were involved. Without further evidence, I would have been responsible for part of the damage. Fortunately, though, the car behind me had a dashcam and had recorded that I had come to a complete stop, he had just about stopped as well with clearly enough room, but the car behind him pushed the three cars in front together. No liability for the first three cars, thanks to the dashcam.


Since at least one camera is already present, and a front camera might be planned in the future, it seems like this would just be a software addition. Memory for storing the video could be provided with a USB stick if not enough internal memory is available.


Implemented in V9 software in October 2018 with basic dashcam feature – recording while driving (for HW2.5 cars only, made in August 2017 or later).

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I would also like to see a proper front and rear dash cam factory option.
Would absolutely love that feature; make sure you can export that data maybe through the website and/or App????
Would be good to activate automatically when away from car and some thing or some one damages car.  Activated by car sensors.
A front and rear dash cam factory option is a no brainer.

Given the latest cars now have the three necessary pieces of hardware.

Front camera; Back camera, USB port

Then it is just software to record the data from the two video feeds to the USB port where you could stick an SD card of whatever size met your needs.
Front and rear dash cams would be a really good selling point.
Optional front and rear dash cam options would be popular.
In lieu of that front and rear dash cam mountings with power/fuse would be OK.
Option/add-on paid service to upload the video to the cloud? May be able to pay for it using subsidies from the insurance companies.