Rear Camera Cleaner



Have some system to keep the rear camera clear from rain.


Quite often when backing up there are several drops of water on the rear camera lens making it difficult to discern what’s behind you.  A simple mechanism to provide a puff of air to clear it off would be very helpful.  Maybe a simple bellows or a small fan or use of the cabin fan to provide the puff through a tube?

I’ve seen headlight washers/wipers, but the rear camera is so small that would be overkill.


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Ditto snow - looking at the Norwegian videos of the rear of Teslas covered in snow.
As small as the camera is, a hydrophobic lens coating would be much more practical to keep the lens clear. An air blaster/water washer would be much ado about almost nothing.
A Hydrophobic lens sounds good, but would that stop dirt/snow as well? I have a reverse camera on my current car and it gets really dirty, mostly from water splashing up off the road, so I guess it would? I agree about the Norway snow video, the back of the car gets covered.
Tried covering the lens with rain-x, which is slightly hydrophobic. No detectable effect on dirt, dirty water or snow (naturally).
I like the jet of air to clean the lens.
... run a tube from the tire valve stem ... ;-)
Or perhaps there could be a little cover that slides back or clamshell opens when the camera view is required.  When water drops or dirt is on the lens, it renders the view ineffective.  How will FSD function correctly with no rear view?