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Pedestrians Warning Noise



When driving in cities, a silent car may prove dangerous to unaware pedestrians. In the settings, there should be the ability to substitute the normal horn with an electronic noise – or tram bell – when the car travels under 20 m/h for instance.


This may be legally required in the future. It is a controversial issue, as some ICE cars and hybrids are as quiet as EVs, and many owner hate the idea of artificial noise pollution.  Making it optional and/or tied to the horn perhaps is a excellent way to satisfy most owners.



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Usually only an issue in slow moving scenarios, but an option to turn on such an indicator might be nice. For now I guess the sound system will have to do the trick. ;-)
We know that the cars can now 'sense' objects around them using the sonar function. The car could be programmed to make a sound based on a 'soft' targets direction and speed.
I think having an audible sound that is not as intrusive as the (mandatory) horn signal would be very useful.

If you ever travel in Sri Lanka, they actually have a manual workaround: drivers there are skillful at making a series of very short beeps on the horn, which is quieter and less alarming than a sustained blast on the horn.  They do this pretty much constantly, when overtaking, when catching up with a bicycle, or when they see pedestrians.

Similarly, all trucks these days engage that annoying beep when they are in reverse, for all the same reasons.

Having a discreet audible warning is a very useful new feature, and yes, it could be activated by the proximity sensors.

In my city and many others, idiots walk directly in front of moving cars every single day quite deliberately not looking with a “I dare you” attitude forcing many drivers to jam on their brakes and or dodge. We don't need cars making extra noise.
I think it should be an on demand sound like clearing your throat.
I agree with Peter.  I would add to his idea to tie into the sensors ability to detect soft objects [in order to activate a directed sound in the specific direction rather than omnidirectional].
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I wish people would stop asking for this.  if you add it in as an option, it could eventually become mandatory by the government... and I don't want my silent, sleek, badass beast of a car to sound like Herbie The Love Bug.... meep meep!  Roll down your damn window, honk your horn, or wrap your car in bubble wrap... just stop trying to ask for this unnecessary feature.

WATCH where you're going and what's around you.  Anticipate and if you think someone may walk in front of you be prepared to stop???  good lord.
I rescind my previous comment.  I was in a technological "place" and not thinking along the lines of personal responsibility when operating a vehicle near pedestrians.  I too think it would be a bad idea to preemptively issue a warning sound just because there is someone nearby or because the vehicle reaches a certain minimum speed.  Just as the driver has personal responsibility to avoid an accident so too does a pedestrian.

Use your brake and/or horn when necessary.
Waououou!  What a violent reaction to such a petty subject. .. I sure wouldn't like too much to be on your path when you drive your car.  This is an option and everybody should have the possibility to use or not use this add-on feature. I don't care about the car being hurt, i just don't want to hurt anybody on foot or on a bicycle. You probably never heard the story about the egg meeting the bowling ball. by the time you figure out how to inform through the window, the door, the roof or even the windshield the person unaware of your presence, I trust you will find a way to call 911 with smoke signals or the trumpet you keep in your trunk.

whatever your opinion, and I respect it, let's keep our sense of measure on the road as well as on this forum. It might just keep us in a slightly more civilized environnment.
This seems to be closely related to an existing and highly-voted suggestion:
Friendly muted horn to warn pedestrians
I want it to sound like the Radiator Springs ride at Disneyland, low rumble high HP racing machine
While a Ferrari or Lamborghini rumble might be cool, the idea of a quiet car being made un-quiet bothers me.

Besides, I ride a bike daily in Los Angeles traffic and a Tesla makes pretty much the same sound passing by as most ICE cars: tire noise.

They just don't smell bad.
The law may apply to all cars in the context of car parks where fuel makes  no difference all cars a too quiet... Number of pedestrians dying in car parks is a surprise. 2 in my local Waitrose!
It would be nice to hit a button that gives a little chirp.  I was literally five feet behind somebody walking down my country road and they had no idea I was there.  Happened twice in 2 days.  I would not want a constant sound, as that would be highly annoying.
As noted by many this is a stupid idea.  Pedestrians must expect silent cars or bicycles sinc by now even ICE cars can be rather silent, and car drivers must expect anything from pedestrians since some of them may be kids or drunken adults.

We don't need cars making even more noise, what we need is to keep all the idiots that walk out into the road without looking inside where they can't dent my car.
Sorry but this is NOT stupid. Watch! will not apply for BLIND people. Their association is strongly demanding a noise for alle electric cars up to 40 km/h
A driver-controlled external noise source (fans/blowers) would be useful to warn pedestrians. The horn is a loud warning of an imminent danger, I'd like something less brutal.

Certainly not automatic - when I leave home very early (4:00 AM to 6:00 AM) - my neighborhood is very quiet and driving a silent EV is a blessing.

Need this. I followed a group of girls walking in the parking lot at the Brea Mall for several minutes before finally rolling down the window and yelling "Excuse me!" and they still didn't move out of the way.
I would encourage this feature; courtesy to overtaken bicycle riders to alert them and avoid their turning into the traffic lane; not sure how to select and implement it without another mechanical button, which would complicate retrofit.