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Passenger Profile Seat Adjustment



Front passenger seat adjustment profile similar to driver profile.





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My seats (P85D) adjust with the driver profile.  I actually, at Tesla's recommendation, created a Entry/Exit profile to get the seat back and the steering wheel out of the way for entry and exit. (I'm 6'3").  One thing that could be fixed there is that every movement happens sequentially instead of simultaneously.  Seat Down, Seat Back, Steering wheel in, Steering wheel up. Hoping they build this into Park so it happens automatically.

I had to spend 5 minutes trying to adjust the passenger seat so the seatbelt didn't "strangle" my mother in law.  I know I am going to have to put up with 5 minutes or more of moaning when my wife gets into the car next about how long it took her to get the seat just how she wanted it and now she will have to go through this process again.  I should be an easy thing to do.  It doesn't need to be linked to a driver profile or anything.
Should be a very simple addition to the 10 profiles.
Strange that Tesla has not added a passenger profile as yet ???
Even if it's an addon to driver profile then
main driver1 both seats position for passenger wife
main driver2 both seats position for passenger big person

Fri Apr 7 12:52:57 EDT 2017 nothing done since 2015 ??????
somebody isn't paying attention. . .

Your sales people would wow the wife in the showroom with this feature.
Would also be very useful for people with child seats in the back. Rear facing seats make you slide the front seat up so much. A button that brings it forward to fit the car seat in and then bring it back when you have no car seat and just adults in the car would be nice. Especially when you forget you slide the passenger seat back forward and your walking to the car with hands full of baby and you don't want to put them down while you fiddle with the front seat adjustment
I agree that the Passenger (My Wife) seat should also have remembered settings, why just the driver?  I have had my S 75 number one remaining complaint.a year now and in 12,000 miles this is my number one remaining complaint.  It should be capable, if so then it is just software -- a few lines of code.  This would certainly make the spouse feel cared for!


Sam in Texas
it could be linked to the driver profile low or high my wife is 5" 2" and the Passenger after her coulnt even enter the car without lowering his seat !!!!!!!