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Verbal Speech Alerts



Provide an option to change most of the beeps, chirps and chimes into speech alerts where the specific event is spoken.  For example, “Keep hands on wheel”.


All the beeps, chirps, chimes, alert dialogs can be confusing and not at all informative. The other day I was very intently watching traffic monitoring Autopilot and I heard two beeps. I’d never heard them before, and I really didn’t want to look away from the road at that point. Then the beeps happened again. Turns out, the car wanted me to put my hands on the wheel (v 7.1).

I had a motorcycle do some crazy maneuver around me the other day and never did figure out what all those sounds were.

You have backup collision warnings confused with buckle seat belt warnings, and pressing two pedals at the same time, pressing the accelerator with the car in park, autopilot activation/deactivation.

I would really like the option to shut off all those idiot sounds (remember idiot lights?) and let the car just tell me in plain language what it wants me to know so I wouldn’t have to TAKE MY EYES OFF THE ROAD to read some message on the instrument cluster.

This feature was available on many Chrysler K-car-based vehicles in the mid-1980s.



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Totally agreed.

Also, some tutorial runnable inside the car and on app would be great
Reminds me of a Nissan Z car in the '80s. "Your door is a jar".
I completely agree. The "beeps" and chimes are a skeuomorphism, a hold out from an earlier time when speech or even music was not easy to synthesize. Tesla dropped the old style phone, it's time to drop the chime.

Modern airliners solve this problem with speech warnings, especially for critical events.
I am a pilot and I can tell you that speach alerts can get out of hand, also scary for passengers. A good feature but should be customizable.
Recently some alarm chimed quickly when leaving the car, quite often over a period of several weeks. I still don't know what it was. Because until Iturned around and stuck my head back into the car and was able to see the dash board, the alarm was gone again - just very annoying.
Too many beeps and chirps are indeed problematic, but turning them into speech might make it worse, especially as pointed out above, for your passengers.  A heads-up projected display in front of driver might help.