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New front nose for Model S (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


The front nose of the model X is just beautiful, so it could be great to have it on Model S as well.




For Model S 2016 version


Added to the Spring 2016 Model S refresh.

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For those states that require front license plate, would be useful to have a non-destructive mount -- that does not interfere with radar sensor.
I would prefer they moved to something like this

I disagree 100%.  I think the Model X front end appears unfinished.  The Model S front end took a while to get used to but now it appears fine to me while I do not think the Model X front end will ever look 'correct' except on the darker body colors such as black or blue.
I would like the (factory) option of having the nose cone painted the same colour as the bodywork.
MX is a major step backwards, I'm not going to say that the MS is great, but it's much better than the MX
To me the MX looks like the old Amphicars of the 1960's - not a good look
Already implemented.
I don't like it. It looks like the frunk was accidentally left unlatched. Love my beautiful nosecone.