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Send Messages to Car



Offer a means to send short messages from Tesla’s phone app to appear on the car’s main display.


It would be quite useful to enable a message to come up on the screen from the spouse at home to remind the driver to bring home the milk.  The chime could be implemented for the incoming text. While cell phones already do messaging, the Tesla can be thought of as a four-wheeled phone that happens to carry its inhabitants down the road.



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Wouldn't the better implementation simply be to enable incoming texts to my phone to appear on the screen? No need to use the Tesla app to send texts that way. My Garmin bike computer does that so it's technically quite feasible.
Ditto what Tom posted
Positive on Tom's idea. Or have a browser that can handle Google's Hangouts.

Best would be if the car would read the text so I wouldn't be distracted.
The best we've been able to muster is to have the homebound person blow the horn when the driver is parked or just parking. (speed zero and location known to be the charger or destination), the driver then responds that the message has been received by opening all four doors and closing them again. this too is visible on the home tablet in the active picture of the car. Lousy I know, but works across very great distances. 'looking for something better. Any Ideas? I'd like to receive a drawing or a scribbled message on the new paint/ scratchpad / notepad surface.
Dave in Pennsylvania
And better still if the texts did not display unless the car was in Park or in Drive at zero mph.

I'm with Tom.
I'm with Tom.
I'm with Tom.
I'm with Tom.
My Samsung has an option to read texts to you and reply to them using Text to Speech and Voice to Text. was quite surprised that Tesla hasn't incorporated such a thing. It's not perfect in the Samsung yet, but it does handle most situations.
Some cars (some not even very new) will speak your incoming text messages (received from your phone via Bluetooth) aloud to you and will give you the opportunity to reply by speech-to-text. Tesla is miles behind on this tech.
It sounds like dangerous, you are driving and get a message in the screen, better text when you’re parked using your phone.
I'd prefer to be notified that I have an incoming text from - , at which time I could use voice,, to say, "Read New Text."
I agree on the comments too and not the original post. Tesla is way behind in the phone integration. A lot of those mediocre cars out there have it! How come we don't?
My wife’s Hyundai reads the text messages, and for a quarter of the purchase price.

Apple car play, or Android linking perhaps?
It would be great if Tesla could read me text messages and FB messenger notes.