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Fob Sets Specific Driver Profile (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Auto select the profile settings based on the id of key fob


Some car manufactures offer this feature. It is unknown if the FOBs are uniquely coded, but it is likely.


Implemented in a late 8.0 release (2.50.114) in December 2016.

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Yes, yes, yes!  My husband and I are very different heights; if I'm getting in the car after him, it's really tricky to enter to even reach the touchscreen to re-set it to my height.  Having the car auto-adjust based on key-fob would be tremendously helpful.

Alternately, the car could automatically slide the driver's seat back any time you open the driver's door....
I'd like to add:  The profile should not activate until the driver's door is actually opened - so walking past the car wouldn't cause the adjustment to happen.

Currently the adjustments happen with multiple steps, so the first move should be to slide the seat forward or back (then let the height, seatback, steering, and mirror adjustments happen after).
My wife and I are very different in terms of height, and preferences.  We use this feature on our other cars regularly.  And, this has been very frustrating with the Model S.

Sensing the key fob that is closest to the driver door and activating that profile when the handle is pulled might be one way.  Or requiring a double click on the key fob door unlock to active the profile would be another way. Or, activate a profile from the mobile phone.

In any case, every car I have bought in the last 12 years has this feature.  Why doesn't the Model S?
Definitely want this idea

... would like to buy additional key fobs, for additional drivers ...
One more something else, always raise the steering wheel when placed in park (exiting the car would be much easier, then when you enter with your fob, lower to desired setting.  My 7 series BMW does this nicely.
This feature should just be standard. It should not be part of the tech package.
Currently, I have 3 profiles programmed, one for me, one for my wife, and a 3rd one labeled “exit.” The exit one pushes the seat back and raises the steering wheel up to allow the driver to exit easily. But this requires several taps on the homelink button. After getting into the car, I press my profile button. When I leave the car, I press the exit button. Same with my wife. It would be really nice of the steering wheel raises and the seat pushes back automatically each time the driver exits the car. Or at least the steering wheel should rise automatically as suggested by pontiac66. This would eliminate one profile.
It's amazing that this has not always been a standard feature, given that it's been common on many cars for a long time; it's such an obvious thing.

It's a pity that people above are mixing this up with Easy Exit (wheel up, seat back), which is a different (though connected) feature that has also been common for many years.
Whitmarsh, are you saying Tesla already has this Easy Exit feature? If so, I can't find it anywhere in the manual or in settings. How do you set automatic wheel up, seat back, when exiting?
Fabulous idea.  Works great in our 2008 Cadillac.  If Gm can do it, Tesla should be able.