One Button Steering Heat



Make an always available button for steering wheel heat (when equipped), perhaps next to the seat heater button.


Currently it requires several taps to get to the steering wheel heater and see the current status.



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I would be happy if they just had it remember the prior setting just like the front seat heaters
Agree with Kelly. In PNW, winter temps in the 40's most days and I ALWAYS want (and love) steering wheel heat. So just like seat heat, if it's on, keep it on until I turn it off. AND, this should be a button next to the seat heat button so I don't have to go to deeper menu.
I'm not sure that our Original Tesla's (2012 - 2015), have enough memory available to do what we want. So many features that we see on other Premium cars (voice commands, the various profile settings, HD Audio the much needed parking aid, the front camera)
Why not have the wheel icon button appear only when the temperature goes below a user defined threshold.  Say 38 F as an example.
My ideal is this: a button on the back of the steering wheel as it was in my Audi A6. Second best: an icon by the driver seat heater icon. Third best: have the car remember the last setting for the steering wheel as with the seat heaters.

And while at it: allow the phone app to turn on the steering wheel heat.
Auto steer heat should be configurable under a certain temperature
I would like to be able to start the seat and steering wheel heaters with the app.