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Location Based Air Recirculation



Have the vehicle remember where the climate control air flow is manually switched from auto to recirculation.  In the future when within 3 miles of that location, turn on recirculation until the vehicle moves out of the 3-mile radius area.


Some locations are rife with bad odors. These may be farm animals, industrial pollutants, sewage treatment or other foul odors.

A bonus feature would to have vehicles share geofenced ‘bad odor’ locations, perhaps when 5 or more different vehicles trigger the recirculation in the same location.



(Thanks go to krist.blomme for first suggesting this idea)

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Great idea - smelly tunnels come to mind as well!
In Europe there are a lot of tunnels, especially close to the alps. From map data I'd assume it would be possible to recognize the tunnels and to engage recirculation a lot closer before entering a tunnel, without the need of geographic 3 mile or what not range geo-fence.

Such a feature would be extremely awesome :)

There is a filed patent (Patent WO2009076929A1) that uses the car camera to detect a tunnel in order to engage the recirculation, so this is not a viable solution for Tesla I assume. But basing on map data I didn't find a patent.
I actually just posted about this in the Tesla Forums, and was told to come here and add it as a suggestion.

I would really love this idea as I drive by a Water Treatment Plant maybe 3-4 times a day.
I currently drive by a refinery, on the River Rouge, Detroit. Eh Gads, what a smell!! I do use the recirculating setting but tend to forget to reset it to the outside setting, once past the refinery. By not resetting the air flow, the car begins to get foggy/stuffy, (heater, setting only, not air conditioning), so if you could use a auto setting, GPS based and include a icon to let you know it is running.