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Merging Car Space in EAP



Automatically, or manually allow for cars that signal to merge into your lane in front of you to have a bit more space (i.e. slow down slightly) and resume normal spacing once the merge is complete.


Quite often when commuting and using EAP, people are merging in between me and the car in front. I have the EAP distance set for “2” (1-7 I believe, 1 is the least distance). When someone tries to merge in, the car is acting quite jerk and makes me look like a jerk. So most of the time when someone turns on the turning signal, I tap on brake pedal to disable EAP and leave a gap. But then I need to re-enable EAP.

It’d be great if there was easy way to tell EAP to temporarily leave bit more distance. For example on the car-view-panel there could be button to press to enable this feature. For next 30 seconds it’d increase the distance to the car in front. It could also reset the timer if it detects another car did show up on the lane, so at that point it’d resume normal EAP. Also if nobody comes in within 30 seconds (or another length of time), then resume normal EAP distance.



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AP1 did a much better job than AP2 with regards to more smoothly applying the brakes, even while setting a low distance setting.  Hopefully the new release of V9 firmware next month improves this in AP2.
Good points.

I find myself adjusting the distance setting often while AP is engaged, and it does seem that some of this could be automated. I have it set to high, 6 or 7, in light traffic. In medium traffic I will have it at 4 or 5, and if someone signals to enter my lane that is closer than that I will adjust up to 7 temporarily. If someone is lagging in the passing lane, I will adjust it down to 3 or so for them to notice my approach, then back up when the car ahead moves back to the right lane. I also move it down to 3 or below to pass a large truck quickly when there are other cars in left lane in front of me, rather than drift slowly by something that could do lots of damage if it drifted over.
My Model 3 on Autopilot has automatically slowed down to allow a vehicle in a merging lane to merge in front of me. I'm not sure if this works based on signaling or only if the adjacent lane is merging.