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Start Software Update from App (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


When a new software update is available, the app should display the available version and allow to initiate the installation if the car is parked.




Available in late 2018 with version 9.

Category: Tags: entered 2-Oct-2015


I feel like I'm missing something here ... the screen DOES show there's an update available, as a clock icon next to the T in the middle of the top bar on the screen.  Touch it and you can start the update any time ...
Yes but you have to go inside the car to initiale the update. I'll prefers to initiate from my mobile phone.
Now I'm missing something, it says added in Android app October 2015, sure it now notifies you, but I can't see any way to start the update without going out to the car?
@moderator: I don't use android, but according @green1 comment, i'm not sure your can really initiate the update process only with your phone, with is the subject of the feature I suggest... If not, please remove (Implemented) status.
I do not think this feature has been implemented as stated above. I am still unable to initiate a software update from my iPhone.
The feature request is to "Start..." software updates from the Tesla app. This HAS NOT BEEN IMPLEMENTED.