Increase Display Contrast



Increased contrast for all displays. Dark gray on light gray is not readable, especially with polarized sunglasses. I would hope for black on white, but any increase in contrast would be an improvement.





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Are you sure you are looking at the displays in day mode? I agree that in night mode contrast is low, but obviously that's intentional and drivers rarely wear sunglasses at night, whether or not they are polarized... Day mode with 100% brightness has plenty contrast in my opinion. I routinely wear polarized sunglasses, too. (Maui Jim with rose tint, highly recommended!)
I use the Automatic display setting which uses the Day setting during the day. I also use the 100% brightness setting. I still think the darker gray on light gray choices don't offer enough contrast.  Not only would I have chosen a lighter background, but also a darker choice AND LARGER FONT.

The radio station choices are almost invisible, and then when a station choice is made, it turns black for excellent visibility and also appears in two other places in high visibility contrast. I now change station when the car is moving by using the steering wheel buttone

The white on blue background is very visible. I wish they had used it everywhere.
I’ve hated the night-time display font since we picked up our MX in June.  I’ve submitted repeated requests to get the font color/outline changed.  This should be a trivial change to implement!