Hill Descent Control



Offer a option for Hill Decent Control (HDC) that locks the maximum speed when going downhill.


Select cars from BMW and Audi  have offered this feature with AWD in the past. It’s less clear if it is still available and at what cost.



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It doesn't do this?  I would think with regen engaged that it would take a heck of a hill to increase speed over TCC settings.  Okay, I don't have the car..but I ordered one.  Let me know!
Regen is not strong enough to keep the car slow enough, e.g. 7 km/h
On TACC, my speed on my P85D stays exactly on the setting up and down steep hills.
Already implemented with TACC; regen is plenty strong enough EXCEPT when you have just filled the battery up completely so there is no place to put the generated juice.
Already implemented with regen and TACC