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Offer different Nav Voice Options


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Whatever an owners personalization is about their loved vehicle, think it best to accept the voice provided .  And, lets not get off on a gender war here.
There was nothing about personalization, or starting a gender war, it was about futuristic vehicles and the voice of the computer. And that the voice of Majel Barrett would be most fitting, as her voice has been the voice throughout the most futuristic computers on a TV series set in the future named Star Trek.
If we are to have Majel Barrett as the computer voice, then we also should be able to activate voice command input by saying the word "Computer." I should also be able to activate a self-destruct sequence by speaking my name (last name, first name, middle initial) and a comically short sequence of numerals and words from the phonetic alphabet.
I would like to have the computer be able to imitate almost any voice.
Should be able at least select US vs UK English accent. Perhaps that is already there at delivery, just not offered as an option.
some ideas for options:

  • HAL2000

  • A2D2 (just beep, as I just want to know that I need to do something)

  • Monty Python (John Cleese)

  • KITT 2000

  • Darth Vader

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