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Finding Parked Car with Chirps



The Tesla app is great for locating the car, particularly in parking lots. However, sometimes with crowded multi-floor lots, it is difficult to locate just from the map alone. It would be good to have a feature that chirps as you get closer to the car and gets louder as you approach.


Moderator: This would require some small amount of additional hardware from the current design.



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You have the possibility to flash the lights and honk the horn from the app. You might scare the living daylight out of someone close to your car by doing so, though.

Also there are third-party gadgets that let you do this, I believe.

Would be nice if it was possible to ise a combination of BlueTooth, WiFi, 3G/GSM antennas and whatnot to make some kind of homing functionality, though. :-)
The chirp can be on the phone?.. No hardware update:P
I don't think it is covered already. May be there is a misunderstanding.  The current app is insufficient. While it gives directions, perhaps in a street, in a mall parking lot or in a parking deck, it is inadequate. You can go in circles in these places in search of your car. An app that gives beeps with increased frequency as it approaches the car would be good.