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EAP Manual Yield for Merging



Offer an option to tell EAP to allow a car to merge (or do it automatically).


When I drive with TACC or autosteer, when another car in an adjacent lane merges ahead of me, sometimes my car is accelerating to close the gap, which prevents a car to merge into my lane.  Prior to accelerating the gap is big enough for the merging car.

The current outcomes are: 1) the distance is sometimes too small to feel safe; 2) my car must brake to adjust speed and distance; 3) the other driver may be not happy.

You could instruct the car to yield temporarily. Perhaps a pulling the cruise control stalk towards you (which normally does nothing when EAP is active). This is especially useful to avoid conflicts when two lanes are merging into one.



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This suggestion is just one of many changes coming to EAP.