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DVD Player



A DVD player could be great if you have a big collection of Music CD you would like to listen when travelling.


The DVD player could reside at the bottom of the giant touchscreen.

One of the reason to support physical version of music is that artists (singers, musicians, etc.) are receiving more money from DVD than iTunes and other online music website.



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This feature can be added by software update with a new app.

A usb key or optical drive can be connected to the USB ports of the car.
USB music works fine & you are not dependent on the 3G/4G/LTE signal as per streaming
OK, this old lady just wants to listen to her books on tape checked out from the library. So how do I do that?
Counter to the argument about royalties: buy the CD and rip it to a thumb drive. DVD movies players I've had in cars past are prone to failure and a nuisance if the software isn't done correctly.
Any bluetooth capable device should be OK.  You can get a DVD/CD player which has bluetooth so it can play via the cars speaker system.