Improve Font Contrast



Improve contrast of characters used for the current speed.


The font has been made larger for better visibility. But, it’s still dark gray on a light gray background. If the font was changed to black it would be more visible which is needed when driving 70 mph and you only dare to glance at it.



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I definitely agree with this, I also think that while the graphics design on the main screen is attractive there is design clutter with lines and shading. It does not appear optimally designed for quick visibility while driving.

There is no point anyone suggesting don't use the screen while driving as it is there and has features that are extremely useful while driving.

Also there could be better optimization for night driving, the car interior can be rather lit up by the display at night which reduces external visibility.
also add an option to remove the power scale so the speedometer can use that space as well

making it easier to visual detect the speed, by just glancing at it
I cannot agree more forcefully!! I can't read the gray on gray text at all! This is a serious safety problem. Why have text if you cannot read it? I do not understand why the desirability and likelihood of being implemented are on the negative meters above. Please, please implement this suggestion. Same with the map on the nav screen. The direction icon is almost invisible. At least give us an option to set the contrast ourselves.