Close Sunroof in Rain



When parked and locked, and the sunroof is open, use the rain sensor to automatically close the sunroof if rain is detected.


I was unable to find a car that has this feature, although some VW’s have an undocumented option that can be turned on with special tools.

One legal concern may be in the exceptionally rare instance when someone’s hand is in the opening and the sunroof closes by itself. There may need to be some kind of additional safety system in place to avoid this situation.



Created from a suggestion by Robert in the Tesla forums.

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MB has had this option for years!
How about the option to auto-close the sunroof when in Park?     Rain or no rain
How about the option to auto-close the sunroof when in Park? Rain or no rain (Isusnow)
No, I don't like this. On a nice day, the roof should be open and stay open. A constant back and forth just because I hit park would be annoying. It may be a little different if the roof auto-closed on door lock, but even then: You may want to keep the roof open, at least a little, for venting hot air. And still, when it starts to rain, it has to close.
Suppose itś possible to use the rain sensor for this, so only softwareimprovement ?

would be nice
The sunroof already has a "safety" switch in the rubber seal, on the front leading edge.

This switch prevents some one from getting caught in the sunroof.

You can open the roof all the way open, tell it to close, and when it gets where you want it while closing, just tap the weather seal, it will stop.

With the proper coding, the sunroof could be programmed to set the opening to a small vent position when the doors are locked.

(prevent some one from trying to gain enter or throw anything into the car)

Also, the sunroof could completely close when the rain sensor detects rain.!!
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I understand the arguments for safety concerns over auto-closing windows and sunroof -- although I'd counter-argue that all have safety sensors built-in by law to prevent harm.

Regardless of which side of the debate you're on, hopefully at least Tesla could implement a notification to the Smartphone App (or better yet a nice interrupting SMS message) if windows and/or sunroof is open and rain sensor detects precipitation.
Great comments that remove all provisos from the desirability of implementing this feature, also for side windows.
Well, Teslas don't have a rain sensor anymore... :( They use the camera. It's cheaper to use less hardware for more things.
Sensing of rain is done using the cameras and the computer vision system, which draws far too much power to be on continuously while the car is asleep. So this feature request does not belong in "Software Features," as it cannot be implemented in software.