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Keep Climate On While Vacant



Offer an in-car option to keep the climate running while doing a short errand.


I love the ability to use the app to set the temperature on the car so it’s cooled/warmed by the time I get in.  However, it would also be way cool if I could– upon parking and exiting the car– tell the car to keep on maintaining the set temp even though I’m leaving the car… and allow this to be quickly selected via the touchscreen.

If I’m running into a store/mall/whatever and I know I’m only going to be 30-45 minutes, I’d like to not have to use the app, but just tell the car to keep the climate the same until I get back.

Moderator: This option exists for some situations by setting the car in neutral and turning on the parking brake from the Control screen.  It may not be suitable if you’re leaving the car.



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I too would like to see this.  I'm not saying I can't use the app because I do.  I have had on occasion to not be able to connect to the car via the app.
I would like this feature too as I would love to be able to have my dog in the car while the AC is on - and stays on until I tell it to turn off.
The app is great when it works, but it is relatively unreliable and can be frustrating. I agree it would be nice to be able set this from inside the car.
If you have an iPhone or iPad,

try getting Remote S, by Alan Wong's Regoapps

It has a "Camping Mode" function, which will keep the a/c on
Model S connectivity is not always available.  The app continuously says it is trying to wake the car but it cannot be reached.  I am in a rural area for a month and would love to have a convenient way to keep the AC on when I leave the car.
it they add a "AC Shopping mode" make i GPS aware

I would like the 17" screen to default to an 'Exit' screen whenever the 'Park Button' is pressed. Similar to the 'Home Screen' functions.
The screens would present certain functions that you may need,
At That Time.
Ergo, upon Parking, you may need the ability to turn On or Off the headlights, retract the mirrors, mute the radio.
Or, you might need to adjust the HVAC to run for a certain period of time, then turn off.
Touch a slider and tell the system in need to stay on for xx minutes.