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Come to Stop with Car in Front



When slowing to a stop behind another car (without AP engaged) have the car come to a complete stop automatically if your foot is not on the accelerator.


Car is super fun to drive and the one pedal driving is great. However, when you get in traffic behind another car, like at stop signs or lights where there’s a car in front of you, the car slows down to say 3 mph and keeps moving slowly. If you don’t switch and press the break, the car will hit the car in front. The manual says explicitly that it will not auto-stop under 5 mph. Why? Seems like an obvious need for a stop and that would make one-pedal driving even easier. Sometimes I engage AP just for that!



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In stop-and-go traffic I just engage EAP - that’s what it’s for. If you are driving, you are driving and the car will do what you tell it to.
To continue using one pedal driving, under the original post's accurate supposition that the vehicle will not stop under five mph, i use the left hand to enable adaptive cruise  control, much like the comment about EAP, only i pull once not twice.  Works with or without AP.  The car stops without the brake pedal.  To continue one pedal driving, thru-out the stop and restart sequence, just depress the short stem button to turn off cruise control and accelerate, or i sometimes just override cruise control and accelerate.    One pedal driving, one left hand movement.  Continue on your way without removing your foot from the accelerator.
Clever suggestions, but why the need to enable anything:  I saw commercials for non-Tesla cars that have auto-braking as a standard safety feature.
This is nice specially in a hill, where you want to go to a full stop and not let the car creep in reverse, sometimes we don’t have anyone in front and car use the cruise control. If you press the brakes it will fully stop and hold, but if you don’t press strong enough it might creep in reverse even if it is in the drive mode, a feature to break if not pressing the pedals and not creep in reverse when driving forward would be super easy and comfortable.