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Car Powers House



Offer a version of the car to send power to a wall mounted DC to AC converter to power the house in the event of a grid power outage.


This requires new hardware external from the car, connected to the house’s electrical panel. Electrical code also requires the house power to be disconnected from the external line to prevent power company staff from being electrocuted. A split panel may be necessary depending on the power supplied. All this could require significant house electrical work, perhaps $5K or more not including Tesla’s equipment.

Costs would be reduced if it could somehow be wired into an existing Solar inverter and the proper switchover circuitry is in place. Most Solar installations do not have the necessary switchover circuitry (i.e. they don’t supply power in a blackout).

Tesla’s Powerwall might integrate in some way.



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Yes, 5 K is way too much to justify. Just get a generator! Any idea about cost with photovoltaic already installed?
I think this is a great idea! The Tesla Powerwall is for sure a very good product. But why would I want a separate package with around 10 kwh when I actually got a 85 kwh package already in my car.

One possible direction for electrical cars could be that the car become your electrical storage/hub. Sometimes you are out driving, sometimes you use it to power your house or cottage.

I realize there are complications that needs to be solved. But use the knowledge from the Tesla Powerwall and let the car work in the same way. Could really bring Tesla even further in front of other car vendors.

This might also relate to the possibility to let other Telsa cars charge from your car if and when needed.