Autosteer Lane Adjust



Offer a means to nudge the car to autosteer to either the left or right side of the lane.  Given that these physical controls do not currently exist it would be cool to have a voice command during autosteer: “nudge left” or “nudge right”


It is often the case where it is desired to be driving either to the left or right side of a lane on the highway to keep a safe separation from other cars or road hazards like cement barriers.  Today’s autosteer forces the car to always be in the middle of the lane.

I would be willing to pay extra for these features and this could also be considered an additional safety feature which no other manufacturer would have.

It might be possible to even automate this so that if you’re in the left lane on a freeway, with lots of room to the left, it shifts a bit to the left. If there is a barrier at the left edge of the late, perhaps it shifts a bit to the right.  A truck in the adjacent lane may shift away from the truck a foot or so.



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The physical control could just be the steering wheel, where it understands that you are course correcting, not taking over.
Good add
Steering wheel sensing for hands on needs to be capacitive rather than torque. Well balanced drivers don't provide enough input for the system to sense their hands on the wheel. This would also enable torque to be purely used for the lane adjust feature.
I recognized early on in my Tesla Autopilot driving experience the initiation and termination of Autopilot are just like a light switch.  It is either off or on.  There is no middle ground.  If any reason presents itself for why you do not want the assist features of Autopilot active then you simply cancel Autopilot.  The best example for why the Autopilot feature is totally controlled by the driver is in the case of a well paved road becoming a road of pothole nightmares.  Would you turn off Autopilot or watch absentmindedly as your vehicle suspension and tires get beat up ruthlessly by the inanimate road surface?  Of course not, the intelligent driver/owner (you presumably) would absolutely terminate Autopilot.  The Autopilot termination vs adjustment dilemma only presents itself in situations that the driver thinks (wrongly so) that the present Autopilot adjustment parameters should be up to the task of avoiding whatever the driver thinks the system should be capable of avoiding.  Since this thinking is non-professionally presumptuous the driver should immediately recognize the nature of Tesla's Autopilot is as I've just described.  What the poster is suggesting in the larger scope of things is actually new Autopilot programming along with improved Autopilot hardware which Tesla is already committed to providing as an option.
This feature would also be helpful in two situations:
1. When in a curve and there is a truck on the inside lane of the curve and you are on the outside, nudge the car to the outside of the curve so you don't feel like you are going to hit the truck. I have had to take over several times in fear of hitting the truck.

2. At least in the Seattle area, the roads are getting very rough from studded tires, so it would be nice to be able to nudge left or right to get out of the studded tire ruts.
Ticobird, your comments are insightful.  I think it is going to be a while before artificial intelligence truly emulates human complex thinking and decision making which is required for robotic driving.  So how about creating a mode I will call "Augmented Pilot" which augments the human but does not replace him/her.  In Augmented Pilot mode the cases you bring up with pot holes and jw-charged mentions about trucks and ruts could be addressed.  We already have Augmented Pilot for TACC where you can manually adjust the speed so why not Augmented Pilot for steering using the nudge function where you can manually  adjust the robot for the use case conditions that the robot is unaware.  This would also enable individual preference as we all drive a bit differently.  For example, some said in release 17.26.76 that they liked the fast lane change because they felt safer to avoid waiting, others said it scared the heck out of them.  Augmented Pilot could be tuned/controlled by the individual driver just like we do today with our smartphones which would probably create higher adoption rates.
There is also value in having the car move a little randomly in the lane, to even out the wear on the road surface.
Autopilot does already move slightly off the lane center if an object is getting too close to one side of the vehicle. But I will admit that Autopilot does drive much too close to concrete barriers and guard rails for my comfort.
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