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Alert to Charge Car



The app should have a setting option to alert you if the car has not be plugged in for charging and the charge level is lower than some threshold.  It might be location based (i.e. only at home).


Not as ideal, but our home charging indicator helps see when the car is plugged in or not.



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This is a great idea, once again Chevy Volt has this.  I get SMS txt at 9pm if I forget to plug in the car.  Since the Tesla is GPS smart, have this set to location as well.
I certainly need this - as a next best type solution I changed how my charge cable is mounted on the wall so I can easily see it is there instead of being connected to the car.

It has happened too often that I have come home expecting to go out again then discovered the next morning that I never plugged the car in.
as the car save all you charging locations

it should be able to only send this warning if you are parked near a charging station
YES! I have forgotten to plug in at home a few times for various reasons. PLEASE just have the car send a text indicating the you are not plugged in and if that was intentional. Could be used for home or near a charging station. Would be easy and cheap to implement. This is a must!
I agree.  I have been wanting to submit this idea for over a year.  Seems like a logical simple solution to help Tesla owners have a better Tesla experience.