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Maintenance Dates in Calendar



Show the suggested maintenance dates, such as annual (milage/time based)  and tire rotation in the calendar.


Since the car knows its mileage and it’s recommended to swap tyres regularly, having an item added to the agenda (or displayed) when reaching the corresponding mileage would be nice. What better than the onboard computer to remind users of such things?



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Or at least have the car send a notice 500 miles before the event so an appointment can be made
This could be added to the Alert area (just left of T), like when other alerts are issued.  In this case, the item should be postponable until taken care of.
Make sure that we can edit the mileage or time in case we want a different time period.
Just implemented such a "Maintenance" plan on another machine control software for a client. Would be very happy to add this to Tesla OS for TM :)