Cameras with 360 Degree View



Have four cameras around the car pointing downward, then stitched together on-screen to help with parking.


A few Nissan vehicles include this, and others appear to be adapting similar technology.  It’s unclear if there may be patent issues.


With HW2, the cameras are available. Elon (in a tweet 22-May-2017) stated they have 360 degree view while driving in development mode. He states “Can be a bit distracting though”.

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Let's have a reality check.  the cars with the front and rear sensors plus the camera will most likely be able to self part (still will require some driver input).  Here's the reality, to add the electric folding mirrors is $3200.00 and to add the front and rear parking sensors is >$5000.00.  This is not a few hundred dollars in materials even for Tesla.

If you want this functionality you'll have to buy a new MS
One of the most missed features on P85D. I had it on my BMW 650ix
Holy reality check Batman!!

I can purchase this system from a 3rd party, fully installed, with all the components it needs for only HK$12,000 i.e. US$1500 ... that's designed, tested, manufactured, supplied, installed at dedicated premises, all salaries and overheads and marketing paid, an attractive profit to the private business owner (otherwise he wouldn't be supplying it in the first place).

To provide this as an OEM option during production would be less than US$500 fully installed cost, likely much less with buying power and use of existing components, and could be sold at whatever margin options are sold at

To provide it as a standard option on all vehicles, with economies of scale and amortization of development and support costs, would be much less, maybe US$300 internal cost ...

OK they might choose to sell it at $5000, but that's a marketing decision not a cost.

Very useful for much more than just parking.  Navigating narrow passages, passing oncoming large vehicles on a narrow road (we have several), and as a black-box recorder for insurance claims and defense of liability suits, priceless.

If you like it, vote for it, don't be scared off by the cost of other options that seem pricey
Could as well be used as sort of a safety feature, to record a person doing damage to the parked car.
I test drove a Nissan Leaf with the cameras pointing down from the bottom of the outside rear-view mirrors.  It was very nice for parking.  It would have saved me a road-rashed rim in the early months of my P85D.
It is one of those features that if you have tried it you want it - or at least I do. Unfortunately some implementations are very poor insofar as it doesn't always come on when you want it and it is not easy to force on (BMW take note), but when it works it is great.

Maybe auto-pilot functions are going to replace the need for this is most situations but I expect that AP will leave margin for error so in tight situations it will remain manual which is just when you need this.
Infiniti has this. They have down-facing cameras in the outside rear view mirrors. In that system the view can fool you, though. There can be something there, and the camera shows it not there.
This functionality (360 camera view to aid in parking) is available on other brands at the same price point. Tesla has four side view + rear view cameras installed on all cars as part of AP2.... they should make the video available on the screen to aid parking. It's a bit frustrating that Tesla puts a lot of emphasis on Full AP, but overlooks some of the basic stuff.