Forward Parking Camera


Now Implemented!


Offer a camera in the front of the car, pointing downward to make it easier to park and avoid parking curbs.


While Tesla vehicles with Autopilot have a front-facing camera, it’s optimized for Autopilot and due to the camera location, it does not show the area immediately in front of the car. Tesla would need to add an additional camera, to get the parking view.

A few other vehicles offer this feature. There is also a DIY project to add a front camera to Tesla vehicles


Available on the Cybertruck!  Perhaps it will be brought to other Tesla cars over time. The second generation of parking sensors can also help detect some curbs, but not quite the same.

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     Created 26-May-2018


Now implemented? On what? Please explain your response. We have models S,3,X, and Y NOW, not some vaporware "truck of the future".
    Created 1-May-2022
I have scraped on high curbs too often in the short time I have owned my car. All I can do is keep adding yet another location-based suspension raise. Actually I would be fine just setting suspension to “High” for any speed under 45mph. As it is it will go back to standard height automatically at 45mph or above, but it won’t return to high when I slow down again to enter yet another parking lot with high curbs.
    Created 1-Dec-2018
A front parking camera would be a fine option that a lot of potential owners would choose given how low the front air dam/splitter sits relative to the ground.
    Created 12-Jun-2018