Family Convenience Package


Now Implemented!


Offer a package of features targeting families, such as center console, rear console with cupholders, and perhaps new features like door pockets and B-pillar ventilation for the Model S.


Model S is often referred to as “Family Sedan”, especially by Elon Musk. In fact, it is more like a business sedan. For a family with younger kids, the most often read/heard complaint about the car is storage space. Be it door pockets, practical cup holders in the front and rear, pockets in the back of the front seats, maybe even 110/220V plug, more ventilation, front center console, etc.

A lot of things come now with the Model X as standard:

  • installed better quality center console (than available for the MS in the store)
  • cup holder for the rear seats
  • door pockets
  • B-pillar ventilation

In the Tesla forums, often people state that they would pay for it (like me).

Having more parts that can be produced for both models would lower the prices.


The mid-2021 Model S offers all these items standard.  The rear seats get their own ventilation and temperature zone too.

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Rear cupholders are now standard in the Model S.
    Created 15-Oct-2016